Bio-Imaging Unit




There are three ways to pay for the use of our equipment; pay per hour, block booking and an annual access account.

For commercial customers

For our commercial access rates, please contact us.

For internal (Newcastle University) customers

Our prices for internal customers are outlined on the following tabs. See our:

Hourly Rates

See below for information about our hourly rates.

TechniqueEquipmentHourly rateTime units
Point-scanning confocal Leica SP2
Leica SP8
Nikon A1/A1r
£29.60 1
Spinning disk confocal Nikon TIRF/SD
Zeiss Observer SD
£17.67 0.6
TIRF microscopy Nikon TIRF/SD £17.67 0.6
Wide-field fluorescence microscopy Leica DM6
Leica DMi8
Zeiss Apotome
£15.18 0.5
High-content imaging Nikon TIRF/SD £17.67 0.6
Manual fluorescence Nikon NiE/TE2000 £6.88 0.25
Super resolution (fixed) Leica SP8 STED 3x £36.43 1.2
Super resolution (live) VisiTech iSIM £29.60 1
Light sheet Leica SPD DLS £29.60 1
long time-lapse Nikon BioStation £18.08 / day 0.6
Assisted use  all £17.67 0.6

Block Booking

We offer discounts for those requiring continuous (automated) use of our equipment for extended time-lapse experiments.

These rates are available on live-cell imaging systems only.

We offer overnight/evening sessions from 18.00 - 9.00 and weekend sessions from Saturday until Sunday. They both offer savings of 75%.

Point-scanning confocal Leica SP2
Nikon A1R
Spinning disk confocal Nikon TIRF/Spinning disk £53.82
TIRF microscopy Nikon TIRF/Spinning disk £53.82
High-content imaging BD Pathway £53.82

Facility Access Fee

Users that can estimate their annual facility use and are prepared to pay up front, are offered discounted imaging rates.

Block booking discounts are still valid.

Inclusive time units 25 50 100 200
Cost £708.62 £1280.72 £2538.15 £4122.75
Effective rate £28.34 £25.61 £25.38 £20.56
Annual saving £31.38 £199.28 £421.85 £1797.25