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Covid-19, Safety & Policies

Here you find our Covid-19 working regulation and risk assessment, general Health and Safety documents and Facility Policies.


COVID-19 Risk assessment:

With the constantly changing national and regional COVID-19 situation, we will highlight any changes to facility user access, training and support. Before accessing the facility please take time to read the full risk assessment.  

15th Jan 2021 update:

  • At microscope support: we will stop close (1m+) ‘at microscope’ support in favour of a 2m+ rule; if this is not possible you may be asked to vacate the room when a member of staff is troubleshooting issues.
  • Training: limited one-on-one training availability.   We are now only able to offer training on WF microscopes unless the requestor has proven competency on other systems.  Teaching will be carried out using a blend of online resources and at-distance at microscope training (eg. from the edge of the room).  All training requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  If it is not possible to train an individual, we request that others within their group / bubble, that have been trained, carry out the imaging on their behalf.  If this is not possible, imaging may be performed by a member of the facility.  As the University and National COVID situation changes we will review our training policy. 
  • Room capacity and ‘working bubbles’: please note any changes to the indicated room capacity signs.  We understand the need for working bubbles and will allow this in enclosed microscope rooms containing a single system.  Please limit the working bubble to two persons only.  For contact tracing purposes, please note the time and name of the person that you will be working with.  For rooms containing multiple systems, working bubbles will not be permitted.
  • Out of hours facility access: we will follow the university and local building guidance as regards out of hours access to campus buildings.  If access out of hours to campus buildings is possible, you will be permitted to access the microscopes out of hours provided you have read and acknowledged our out of hours access policy and  have been trained and are competent on the system chosen.

Users are reminded to wear face masks, lab coats and gloves when operating microscopes in the facility.

Risk Assessments

A general safety induction is required for all our users. This includes a brief tour of the bio-imaging unit, the equipment, and relevant safety and access procedures.Before using the facility, all users will be required to complete and upload a brief project outline.  

Up to date COSHH forms will be need to be completed covering any work. 

Please read the following information before using the facility:

Technology Risk Assessment:

Bioimaging Safety Documents:

Health and Safety