School of Biomedical Sciences

Adam Field

Adam Field

BSc Biomedical Sciences - Graduated July 2013 with First Class Honours

Current Position: Research Team Member AstraZeneca

Having grown up in Newcastle, I was well aware of the prestigious nature of the Russell Group University sitting on my doorstep. I had long dreamt of becoming involved in their cutting edge research that was a frequent highlight of local and national News.

I spent three years studying Biomedical Sciences and I can say with absolute confidence that it was the best three years I’ve experienced. It opened my eyes to the fulfilment and joy that can be had through a career in scientific research, and empowered me with the tools to make my own way in the field.

Stimulating and comprehensive lectures were always supplemented by plenty of wet work in the labs, which really brought concepts to life. Later in my degree, I took an eight week laboratory placement funded by The Biochemical Society. Here I got my first real taste of what life is like for a research scientist, which contributed greatly to my successful final year project and dissertation.

Academic life made way for a vibrant social life, meeting wonderful new people, taking part in, and even setting up my own student society, as well as making the most of Newcastle’s famous nightlife and culture.

A few months on after graduation and I’m writing this piece from the offices of AstraZeneca’s Oncology department at Alderley Edge. I am currently contracted here as part of a dedicated project within the disease biology research team, employed by VWR Lab Services.

The experience, skills and character traits I developed at Newcastle University were indispensable in securing my current role.

As for the future, after my time at AstraZeneca I hope to study for a PhD so I can direct my own research. I can look back on my years at Newcastle University with great fondness, and look forward to a fulfilling and successful career.