School of Biomedical Sciences

Amy Preston

Amy Preston

BSc Biomedical Sciences with Medical Microbiology – Graduated July 2014 with an Upper Second Class Honours Degree

Current Position: Teach First Graduate Scheme

I initially applied to study Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle University, but switched degree programmes to Biomedical Science with Medical Microbiology. This focused on my key interests in microbes and immune responses.

Throughout my degree, I really enjoyed the practical aspects of my course. In particular, the third year final project provided me with a real lab experience and a huge amount of responsibility.

After completing my degree I began on a Teach First graduate scheme. This involved six weeks of initial training before I became a full time science teacher in a Secondary school in the North East.

One aspect of my course which really helped me to prepare was the Science and Communication module. This module involved creating presentations aimed at a teenage audience and simplifying complex science for the general public, both valuable skills in my current profession.

Teach First was introduced to me through a careers talk held in Newcastle Medical school. These talks proved invaluable in introducing me and my peers to different careers in science and beyond.

I was supported in my application by the Careers Service. They helped me with my application form and provided me with support for my Key Skills exams.

I would thoroughly recommend my degree programme to anyone planning on a career in science or otherwise. The degree provides so many key skills which suit a variety of vocations.

Furthermore, I couldn’t imagine studying at University anywhere else but Newcastle. The city has everything and is suited so well to students whilst being close to the Northumberland countryside.