School of Biomedical Sciences

Clare Tweedy

Clare Tweedy

BSc Biomedical Sciences - Graduated July 2013 with First Class Honours

Current Position: Studying for a Masters by Research (MRes) in Neuroscience at Newcastle University

The opportunity to study at Newcastle University was one that I was keen to take up back in 2010. Following the completion of my degree, I am certain that I made the right decision. The chance to be taught by knowledgeable and approachable staff at the forefront of their research field was a rewarding experience that encouraged me to pursue postgraduate study.

The wide choice of modules within the Biomedical Sciences degree programme is what initially attracted me to the course at Newcastle, and I have enjoyed being able to experience a broad range of subjects within the field. This was particularly useful in deciding which area of Biomedical Sciences I wished to continue studying after my undergraduate degree.

The content of the course was engaging and relevant, and I especially enjoyed being able to apply concepts from my lectures to my final year research project.

My experience during my degree made it an easy decision to remain at Newcastle University to complete a Masters degree. I selected the one year MRes programme in Neuroscience, a subject that has fascinated me since my first year of Biomedical Sciences.

As part of my Masters, I will be doing a 24 week laboratory project. Being able to complete an eight week laboratory project in a field of interest at the end of third year was invaluable in preparing me for postgraduate study.

I am able to transfer not only the practical laboratory skills I have learned to my MRes, but also the organisational skills and enthusiasm that a degree at Newcastle University has provided me with.