School of Biomedical Sciences

Hannah Fuller

Hannah Fuller

BSc Biochemistry – Graduated June 2015 with a First Class Honours Degree

Current Position: Graduate Ambassador for Street Science

I have really enjoyed my time at Newcastle University and I am looking forward to begin working as a Graduate Ambassador for Street Science.

As a Biochemist, I love the intricate details of cellular processes and how important such processes are in the body and in genetic diseases such as cancer.

Throughout my time at Newcastle I completed two lab projects within the Northern Institute of Cancer Research, in cutting edge research, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

In addition to these placements I also worked for a beauty/science blog: ‘Beauty by the Geeks’. It was during this time that I found my love for science communication!

I enjoyed my experience in the lab, writing for the blog and working at the University open days. But I have found that I really enjoy talking about the science, and explaining complex terms to a lay-person. This has led to my new role as a graduate ambassador.

This role is also science communication, as street scientists carry out small demonstrations for the general public, and explain the science behind it.

Throughout my time at Newcastle I received extensive support from lectures and my personal tutor. There were also so many job opportunities available for those who take advantage of them.

All in all, I have gained more than just a degree from Newcastle. I’ve also gained a huge passion for science and science communication, which I hope stays with me throughout my future career.