School of Biomedical Sciences

Harriett Warrior

Harriett Warrior

BSc Physiological Sciences – Graduated July 2015 with a First Class Honours Degree

Current Position: Head of Marketing, Beauty by the Geeks

I absolutely loved my time at Newcastle University, and studying for a medical science degree played a large role in that enjoyment.

Initially I was enrolled on the BSc Biomedical Science course, which gave me a great breadth of knowledge of medical science as well as excellent laboratory skills. I then specialised in Physiological Science, allowing me to gain a more in-depth knowledge of cellular physiology.

After mentioning my passion for cosmetics and formulations to Dr Carys Watts, she put me in touch with a former Biomedical Science student at Newcastle University, and CEO of Beauty by the Geeks. I then carried out a 10 week internship, after graduating, at Beauty by the Geeks.  This was through the Newcastle Work Experience scheme, and it led to a full time position within the company!

I utilise the analytic skills I learnt from my time at Newcastle every day in my new rol. I research cosmetic ingredients and analysing formulations, and use presentation and science communications skills to give presentations. I present to cosmetic formulators as well as beauty journalists for some of the largest beauty and fashion publications!

I would recommend this course for anyone interested in medical sciences, as I’m a perfect example of the variety of careers that await you after you graduate!