School of Biomedical Sciences

Heidi Zakeri

Heidi Zakeri

Graduated July 2012 BSc Biomedical Sciences with Second Class Honours Degree

Current Position: Associate Practitioner, Histology, James Cook University Hospital

Looking back at my three years at Newcastle University, I have extremely fond memories of a city which has since remained my favourite, and feel fortunate to have obtained an education from such a fantastic School of Biomedical Sciences.

Although my original passion was to follow in the footsteps of my medic sibling, I soon discovered how naturally comfortable I felt within a laboratory, and my interest in the modules I was enrolled in quickly grew.

The most appealing attribute of this University which makes it stand out from others is that it focuses on keeping its students interested, providing first class facilities, thorough support and enthusiastic lecturers to ensure a high level of education.

Biomedical Sciences in particular consisted of a variety of stimulating teaching methods which promoted both individual study and group work, through lectures, seminars and practica’s. The practical aspect of the course was where I found I had the most enjoyment, particularly because I find I learn best from hands on experiences.

The laboratory techniques and investigations I was able to participate in allowed me to gain a broad range of skills that were extremely beneficial and advantageous in gaining employment within my current role which I applied for directly through the NHS jobsite.

After an intense interview process and a fantastic reference from one of my Lecturers, I was fortunate to be chosen as a Band 4 Associate Practitioner in Histology, working alongside Senior Biomedical Scientists and Pathologists in the diagnosis of disease. I have been able to transfer knowledge of specialist stains and reagents, as well as manual dexterity skills which have proven to be vital on a daily basis during processing, embedding and slicing of specimens through microtomy.

I intend on further enhancing my knowledge of Histology and Cytology through extended study, so I can progress as a specialist Biomedical Scientist in this area in particular. I am truly grateful for the guidance and assistance I have had from my tutors, even years after graduating, as they have helped me to get to where I am today.