School of Biomedical Sciences

Jack Eklid

Jack Eklid

BSc Physiological Sciences – Graduated June 2015 with a First Class Honours Degree

Current Position: Medical Student, University of Sheffield

Studying for a BSc in Physiology has equipped me with an extensive understanding of the intricacies and complexities of the human body. I've found this captivating and fascinating.

I loved my time at Newcastle University! What impressed me most was the world-class teaching we received, as the majority of our lecturers are leaders in their fields of research.

Newcastle also offers a fantastic network of support available to all students. I found the advice and guidance from the careers service invaluable during my medical school application.

In my second and third years I was a student mentor for first year students. I provided support and guidance with the social, emotional and organisational demands of student life.

The first year in the School of Biomedical Sciences provides students with the opportunity to study a wide range of topics in biomedical sciences. This let us discover an area of particular interest. I enjoyed the Physiology modules most in my first year and thus decided to switch to a BSc Physiology degree.

During my degree I carried out an eight week research project funded by the university’s Research Scholarships program. I used immunohistochemisty to quantify a mitochondrial protein (cytochrome c oxidase) in the prefrontal cortex of dementia brains. I analysed how these protein levels correlated with level of cognition before death.

I greatly enjoyed the experience of contributing to the ever-growing body of dementia research. I've gained many skills that prepared me for my final year project. The poster I produced to display my findings won first prize at the summer research poster event.

The School recognise the achievements of their student body. When I graduated I received the JD Reed Memorial prize for the highest overall mark in Physiological sciences. I also received the Stage Three Research Project prize in the Institute of Neuroscience.

My time at Newcastle University has not only earned me a degree, but I have also gained a wealth of skills and life experience which I’m sure will allow me to succeed in my future endeavours.