School of Biomedical Sciences

Joel Greenwell

Joel Greenwell

BSc Biomedical Genetics – Graduated July 2015 with a First Class Honours Degree

Current Position: Graduate Ambassador, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University

My favourite part of my degree was my dissertation project in third year. I was researching something that I was particularly interested in and hadn’t been previously researched, so I felt like I was really at the cutting edge of my field.

I also particularly enjoyed the Career Development module in my third year. I chose the ‘Business for the Bioscientist’ module. This involved me working in a group to develop a Business Plan for a product and pitching it to a Dragon’s Den style panel. It was definitely something that I did not expect to be doing with a Biomedical Sciences degree!

Working for the University has been absolutely fantastic. My current role involved me visiting schools and colleges up and down the country to promote the Medical Sciences degrees that we offer here at Newcastle.

Lab work was not particularly for me. I much prefer to work in a people-orientated environment, so working with young people face-to-face is something that I really enjoy. I also feel like I am giving something back to the University that I had such a great three years at.

I didn’t actually participate in any organised work experience, but in my third year of University I took it upon myself to get some lab experience. I emailed around to a few of the lecturers and secured myself a place, once a week, for around three months volunteering as a Lab Assistant at our Campus for Ageing and Vitality.

My Personal Tutor also had some links with Leica Biosystems, a big Histology and Anatomical Pathology company here in Newcastle. I went there for a full day’s work experience.

My current role involves me using all of the team-working and communication skills that I learned throughout University on a day-to-day basis. I also present to large audiences all of the time, and I feel that the presentations that I did throughout my Biomedical Sciences studies really prepared me for this.