School of Biomedical Sciences

Katie Haylor

Katie Haylor

BSc Pharmacology – Graduated July 2014 with an Upper Second Class Honours Degree

Current Position: Science Communication Intern at GSK

I particularly liked the small seminar groups in second and third year. You get to ask questions and things can be taken more at your pace. I liked the breadth of the course in first year (I didn’t do Biology A level so particularly helpful for me).

It was great to have the option to change your biomedical science course at the end of first year. I was registered on a Biochemistry degree, but once I did the Pharmacology first year module I realised this was for me.

I also liked the in-depth practical sessions, especially the third year ones. You learn how to use relevant pharmacological instruments and techniques that prepare you for industry.

I apply lots of skills from my degree programme in my current role: written skills as I am writing and proofing articles, verbal communication skills, analytical skills in weighing up relevance of information, molecular biology basic knowledge for editing and making presentations of scientific collaborations