School of Biomedical Sciences

Michael Woodmass

Michael Woodmass

BSc Biomedical Sciences – Graduated July 2014 with First Class Honours

Current Position: Year out before starting Medical School in Birmingham

My favourite thing about the Biomedical Sciences degree from Newcastle University is the fantastic breadth of knowledge on offer. You are well prepared for the future in whatever you choose to do.

A heavy emphasis on cutting-edge research combined with highly-valued practical skills makes you a force to be reckoned with in the graduate market. You'll be vastly sought-after for careers in industry, medicine, teaching, academia and more.

There are many opportunities at Newcastle which I would urge anybody to take advantage of. After passing first year exams, I emailed a few university academics and was almost immediately offered a summer placement within their respective research institute.

During this placement, I worked on a project investigating skeletal muscle integrity in naked mole rats. My core laboratory skills were hugely strengthened and this gave me the best possible introduction to life as a research scientist.

In second year, the School of Biomedical Sciences runs a highly popular scheme for its students in which you are employed by the university as a laboratory assistant, working alongside their research staff. My summer placement gave me an excellent platform with which to make a successful application. I was paid to continue my work on the naked mole rat and was even made a co-author on the paper!

Like many before me, I was determined to get a place at medical school and Newcastle recognises that this is a major ambition for many of its students. The university runs a partnership with Newcastle Hospitals to offer a number of hopeful future medics a shadowing opportunity. This is an absolutely amazing thing to have to talk about on a medical school application or at interview.

After completing the Newcastle Hospitals shadowing opportunity and graduating with first class honours in Biomedical Sciences, I applied for medical school for the third time. I was thrilled to be accepted onto the four-year accelerated Graduate Entry Medicine programme at the University of Birmingham.

I have chosen to take some time out to do a bit of travelling before finally committing to my dream of becoming a doctor, something which was made possible by my undergraduate studies at Newcastle University.