School of Biomedical Sciences

Rebecca Crossland

Rebecca Crossland

BSc Biochemistry – Graduated June 2015 with a First Class Honours Degree

Current Position: Trainee Accountant at KPMG

I have loved my time at Newcastle University and studying Biochemistry has been a massive part of that. The University and the city both hugely exceeded my expectations. Newcastle has been a vibrant and friendly place to live and learn. My degree gave me the chance to explore a wide variety of topics before settling on a specialised subject.

Specialising in Biochemistry was one of the best choices I made. This is not only because of the indepth and specific course content and the incorporation of disease within this, but because it has also allowed me to be part of a small class who all worked together throughout the final year. This provided a greater chance to interact with the lecturers.

The opportunity the biomedical sciences school gives you to select a career related module was of particular interest to me. I selected the ‘Business for the Bioscientist’ module which involved developing and pitching a science idea to a team of ‘investors’. This module confirmed my desire and gave me the last push to move into a business environment.

Another scheme which I particularly enjoyed was the involvement in STEM, which enabled me to go into local schools to promote science to young children. There are a huge variety of opportunities both within science and outside of it for you to take advantage of. This is another thing I particularly liked about Newcastle and my degree.

Despite thoroughly enjoying my course, a career in research has never really appealed to me. This led to me look into various business-related graduate schemes. The stand out company and scheme for me was with KPMG. To work for a global company where I can continue build on my business knowledge was the biggest appeal. Studying Biochemistry at Newcastle set me up perfectly for the application process and will hopefully provide me with the skills to succeed at KPMG.

Teamwork, organisation, leadership, problem solving and research are all skills I have developed at Newcastle. These are also some of the key skills KPMG were looking for in my application. The opportunities my degree has opened up for me extend much further than the initial research options. Studying at Newcastle has given me far more than the degree itself.