School of Biomedical Sciences

Scott Pygall

Scott Pygall

BSc Biomedical Sciences – Graduated July 2014 with a First Class Honours Degree

Current Position: Business Development Role, Annie Barr Associates

I liked the variety of modules offered that cater to everyone. I knew I didn’t want to go into further study or research but modules such as business for the bioscientist, healthcare, practical/presentational skills and my dissertation set me up for an alternative career path.

I originally applied for a NWE placement with Annie Barr Associates, but was unsuccessful. I kept in contact and developed a relationship with them, and was offered an initial three month placement for when I had graduated. I got the position as a direct result of the Newcastle Work Experience Scheme.

I have a vital understanding of the courses the company offers because of what I have learnt in my degree. These include immunization courses (TB, mantoux, pneumococcal, influenza), respiratory and cardiac courses, dementia courses etc.

Modules such as business for the bioscientist helped to develop my business skills. I was able to look into the healthcare module which gave me a broad understanding of how healthcare systems operate.