School of Biomedical Sciences

Tom Bailey

Tom Bailey

MSci Biomedical Sciences – Graduated July 2015 with a First Class Honours Degree

Current Position: Research Associate, Adelphi Real World

I have recently taken up the role of Research Associate at a pharmaceutical research company south of Manchester. The role involves providing support and development on Disease-Specific Programmes.

I take part in designing the studies to be carried out, and subsequently the analysis of the data received to provide a meaningful interpretation of various aspects of the disease.

During my studies at Newcastle University, I really enjoyed investigating complex molecular pathways involved in diseases. This led me to have a particular interest in cancer.

As a result, I spent a summer at a cancer research laboratory at Keele University. I did my final year placement within the Institute for Cell and Molecular Biosciences.

In my final year, I developed a particular interest for pharmaceutical science and how I could apply this to diseases I had studied throughout my degree. This ultimately led me to investigate potential job opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry, which could allow me to apply the skills I had learnt over the course of my degree.

I have since taken up the role of Research Associate at Adelphi Real World. This provides crucial insights into the current demand for pharmaceuticals, and helps to guide the drug development process for companies such as GSK and Astra Zeneca.

I've been able to utilise key skills I developed during my degree for many aspects of my role, such as during the data analysis, presentation and medical writing stages of my projects.

I received support throughout my degree from my personal tutor, lecturers, and in particular my final year placement supervisors. They have helped to support me during my studies, guide me towards the career I'm embarking on and have contributed overall to the invaluable experience I've had at Newcastle.