School of Biomedical Sciences

Verity Mitchell

Verity Mitchell

BSc Biomedical Genetics – Graduated July 2014 with an Upper Second Class Honours Degree

Current Position: Graduate Ambassador, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University

During my time as a Biomedical Genetics student at Newcastle University, I particularly enjoyed the enthusiasm of my lecturers and learning about their cutting edge research. This gave me a fantastic insight into the world leading research currently underway at Newcastle University and a thirst for knowledge about the subject.

I had a very wide range of modules from gene targeted cancer treatments to the evolution of the world’s first cells. My degree opened up a whole new world of genetics to me and increased my enthusiasm for the subject.

I feel very privileged that I was able to complete such a fascinating degree in the vibrant setting of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Whilst a student at Newcastle University, I took full advantage of the extracurricular opportunities which my lecturers recommended. I enjoyed being a journalist for the student science magazine React as it gave me the opportunity to report on exciting events across the city.

I also worked for the university in a few different jobs roles. This allowed me to get involved in a huge array of on campus events, such as helping out at summer schools and advising younger students on how to secure invaluable work experience.

I really enjoyed learning about mitochondrial genetics during my degree. One of my lecturers suggested that I apply for a summer placement in a research laboratory and offered her support whilst writing my application.

This motivated me to apply for a funded summer placement in the Mitochondrial Research Group. This greatly developed my practical skills and gave me first-hand experience of what it would be like to work in a research lab.

Due to the connections I gained during this placement I heard about an exciting opportunity. There was a position available as a key member in developing the medical science strand of a new supernumerary module about ageing which is available to all students.

This placement allowed me to work with a wide variety of academics and older people around Newcastle. I got insight into all the work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure a high teaching standard is reached throughout the university.

I really enjoyed working for the university throughout my degree. When an opportunity presented itself to apply for a Graduate Ambassador role working in Student Recruitment and Marketing for the Faculty of Medical Science I knew it was something I could excel in. I was delighted to gain the position and I am excited to develop my career in this area.

I found the experience I gained during my degree invaluable to succeeding in this position. It uses a wide range of skills such as communication, creativity and time management.

In this position, I enjoy being a key part in a wide range of projects such as managing the mentoring scheme, social media and creating new activities which I can take to schools around the country.