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Dr Adam Coussens



I'm currently a lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Newcastle University, in the School of Biomedical Sciences. I am passionate about sport, and enjoy playing, discussing, and watching a number of different sports, including football, cycling, running, and golf. My research interests predominantly involve the role of social support, in a performance and psychological wellbeing context, following on from my PhD completed at the University of Exeter, in 2015. I subsequently went on to be a Visiting Lecturer at Roehampton University, where I led MSc modules in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Between 2015 - 2018, I was employed as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln, which involved, leading undergraduate and postgraduate modules, and being the Research Impact Champion for the School of Sport and Exercise Science, a PhD Supervisor, and the acting lead for the MTough research group.

Some of my aims are to (i) provide high quality, student engaged teaching, to Sport and Exercise Science students, (ii) lead, and contribute to, high quality research projects, resulting in peer reviewed publications, (iii) supervise high quality research projects at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral level, (iv) engage in applied work with athletes, and organisations, to disseminate contemporary research ideas.

Ph.D.- Sport Psychology. Exeter University, 2015.

M.Sc.- Sport and Exercise Psychology, Northumbria University, 2009

P.G. Dip.- Psychology, Sheffield Hallam University, 2008

B.Sc. (Hons)- Geography and Sport Science, 2007


My research interests predominantly involve the role of social support, in a performance and psychological wellbeing context. My PhD, completed at the University of Exeter, examined the antecedents and performance outcomes of social support, applying generalisability theory.

More recently, my research is examining how social support relates to psychological wellbeing for emergency service employees, with initial research evaluating current levels of support, stressors, and psychological wellbeing. Building upon this work, and working with colleagues, my plans are to develop psychosocial interventions to help improve social support provision and enhance psychological wellbeing. Some of my future plans involve looking at these relationships in an athlete and student cohort.

I have previously supervised a PhD project, at the University of Lincoln, looking at the effectiveness of different types of goal-setting in physically active and non-active populations. 

I have published research in peer reviewed leading journals, including examining the antecedents of perceived support from coaches; challenge and threat states under pressurised competition; and evaluating the role of lay health trainers. 


I am the module leader for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year modules across Sport and Exercise Science, and Exercise Biomedicine programmes. These include:

ESC1002- Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology

SES2001- Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology

ESC3001- Current Issues in Exercise Biomedicine.