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Staff Profiles

Dr Andrew Knight

Senior Lecturer



Senior Fellowship of the HEA (2016)

Professional Certificate in University Teaching (Stages 1/2). University of Edinburgh (2003)

Ph.D. (Immunogenetics); MRC Clinical Research Centre, Harrow. Middx. 1993
Grad. I. Biol. (Biochemistry); North East Surrey College of Technology, Ewell. Surrey. 1987

Previous Positions

Wellcome Trust Teaching Fellow.
Institute for Immunology and Infection Research (IIIR), School of Biological Sciences, Ashworth Laboratories, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow
Institute for Immunology and Infection Research (IIIR), School of Biological Sciences, Ashworth Laboratories, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Senior Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Department of Biochemistry, Medical Sciences Institute, University of Dundee, Dundee

Scientific Officer (part-time Ph.D. student) Transplantation Biology Section, Clinical Research Centre, Harrow, Middlesex

Junior Research Technician, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Haddow Laboratories, Sutton, Surrey


British Society For Immunology (BSI)


Research Interests

For the initiation of the CD4 T cell response, native protein antigens (Ag.) must be captured, intra-cellularly processed, complexed with molecules encoded by the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II region and re-expressed on the cell surface of antigen presenting cells (APC).

The use of specific Ag. receptors expressed on the surface of APC has been shown to enhance this process by several orders of magnitude. As well as producing antibodies, B cells function as APC and express several surface Ag. receptors.

My interest lies in these specialized antigen receptors and is aimed primarily at understanding the role of B cells as APC in mediating immunity to invading pathogens. I am also interested in situations where B cell APC function has apparently become de-regulated leading to the development of autoimmunity (in collaboration with Jeremy Palmer and John Robinson (Musculoskeletal Research group) as well as a possible role for B cells in tumour surveillance (in collaboration with John Kirby).

Postgraduate Supervision

1. Faculty of Medicine/Institute of Cellular Medicine-funded PhD studentship: "Biliary autoantigen acquisition and presentation by B lymphocytes." 2010-13. The University of Newcastle upon Tyne; Co-supervisor

2. Arthritis Research UK-funded PhD studentship: "The role of B cells as antigen presenting cells in a model of Rheumatoid Arthritis." 2009-12. The University of Newcastle upon Tyne; Main supervisor

3. Self-funded Studentship. "Generation and Testing of a novel multimeric C3d based adjuvant." 2008-2012; The University of Newcastle upon Tyne; Co-supervisor

4. Arthritis Research UK -funded Ph.D. Studentship "The Role of B Lymphocytes in Processing and Presentation of the Candidate Joint Autoantigen, Aggrecan in a Model of Rheumatiod Arthritis." 2006-2009. The University of Newcastle upon Tyne; Main supervisor

5. Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) Breast Clinic Appeal-funded Ph.D. Studentship.
"Understanding the mechanisms involved in the immuno-recognition of breast cancer cells" 2006-2009. The University of Newcastle upon Tyne; Main supervisor

6. BBSRC Case Studentship. "The Novel C3d Co-presentation Approach to Developing a Vaccine Targeting PfEMP-1." 2001-2004. The University of Edinburgh/Adprotech Ltd. ; Co-supervisor

7. Wellcome Trust 4-Year Ph.D. Programme. "Presentation of native antigen to B cells." 2000-2004. The University of Edinburgh; Main supervisor

8. Self-funded Studentship. “Host and Parasite Genes Involved in Immunity to Plasmodium chabaudi.” 2000-2003. The University of Edinburgh; Co-supervisor.


B cells, antigen processing and presentation, complement receptors, autoimmunity, cancer immunology.



Biomedical Sciences (BMS) BSc Honours

Stage 3 BMS module leader/lecturer "Immunology of Health and Disease"

Stage 3 BMS,  lecturer "Medical Biotechnology"

Stage 3 Biochemistry,  lecturer "Applied Biochemistry"

Stage 3 BMS,  lecturer "Experimental Design and the Process of Research" 

Stage 2 BMS, module leader/lecturer "Cell and Molecular Biology of the Immune System"

Stage 2 BMS,  lecturer "Cell Biology and Disease'

Dental Surgery BDS Honours

Stage 2 lecturer  "Immunology and Healthcare" 

BMS personal tutor

External examiner

University of Liverpool: BSc. Genetics and Molecular Biology (2015-2019)


Medical Sciences MRes (2006-2017)

lecturer Applied Immunobiology

lecturer Current Research Trends in Musculoskeletal Research

Staff Development (2013-2019)

Faculty of Medical Sciences Faculty Programme Liason Officer (FPLO) for the Certificate in Advanced Studies in Academic Practice (CASAP) 

AdvanceHE (formerly Higher Education Academy) Senior Fellow (2016)


School of BNS, Chair of Phase II Biomedical Sciences Curriculum Committee 

School of BNS, GM representative for Safety Committee

School of BNS, Admissions Tutor (Biomedical Sciences)