School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences

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Dr Damian Parry




BSc Biochemistry, University of Liverpool

Msc Biuochem and genetics, University of Newcastle Upon tyne

PhD University of Newcastle Uopn Tyne

PGCert Learning and Teaching Liverpool Hope University


Biochemical Society

Honours and Awards:

Excellence in Learning and teaching  Liverpool Hope University


My arms of interest in the biomedical field centre around how DNA interacts with proteins, how these interactions are stimulated and controlled, but also how the result of the interaction is effected.  The specific nature of the interaction of the tertiary protein with a sequence or geometric state of DNA.

My main areas of research now focus on looking at how learning and teaching in HE can be development to best support students and improve delivery of suitably developed and trained graduates to employment.  The market place in HE has changed dramatically over the last decade, with students no longer being passive receivers of education to being active and involved in the process.  This is driven both by the change in the fee stricture and also by the demands of external bodies such as QA, but also through a refocussing of institutes on improving student experience.  More and more universities need to deliver a quality product that not only attracts students but also engages them and gives them what they require to succeed to their best ability.  I concentrate my research in the areas of student feedback and residential events at support to student learning.