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Jack McIntyre

Jack McIntyre

BSc in Physiological Sciences, graduated June 2017, Upper Second Class Honours Degree

Current Position: Scientist Training Programme with the NHS

I am currently undertaking the Scientist Training Programme (STP) with the NHS, working at York Hospital studying Cardiac Science. I took an interest in Cardiac Science as part of my undergraduate degree in Physiology. I really enjoyed my final year which included the lab based project for my dissertation. I loved the independence gained from working in a lab despite realising that I did not want to pursue academic research.

The careers service at the university was brilliant in offering advice going forward and through lectures organised by Prof David Thwaites, the course lead, I discovered the STP and took great interest.

The STP is a 3 year training programme with work based learning combined with a part-time Masters. Due to my chosen speciality, I have been fortunate enough to undertake my Masters back at Newcastle. My role as a clinical scientist involves performing and interpreting clinical and specialist information for diagnostic and interventional procedures within Cardiology. This involves ECGs, Exercise Tolerance Testing, Echocardiography, Pacemaker implantation and troubleshooting, and revascularisation techniques for the coronary arteries.  All of which involves multidisciplinary teams of consultants, nurses, radiographers and more.

The best things about the programme include working with patients on a day to day basis, often in a high pressured environment, to really make a difference to people’s quality of life. I would recommend this programme to anyone, with a variety of specialities to choose from depending on your interest. This includes cardiac, respiratory, vascular, and gastrointestinal and neuroscience as well as medical physics. Due to the specialist nature of the programme, once completed I will be able to apply my skills anywhere in the world, with colleagues that work in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

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Jack McIntyre