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Oliver Gorman

Oliver Gorman

Graduated June 2017, BSc Biomedical Sciences

Trainee Financial Co-ordinator, Arup

I have just started working as a trainee financial coordinator for an engineering firm called Arup, based behind the central train station here in Newcastle.

The degree programme offered a lot of flexibility with the choice of modules and topic titles for assessments within each module. I feel that this allowed for a lot of individual expression and the chance to put across different perspectives, whilst still studying similar content to other people. This obviously promotes a drive towards a common scientific goal, whether that be to work towards solving a problem to a medical condition, a treatment for that condition or managing the treatment of someone successfully that demonstrates the symptoms associated with the disease.

Biomed is a fantastic course for transferable skills and I personally would recommend anyone considering to apply for finance related roles to apply for the treasurer position on the BioSci society. This really bolstered my discussion points at interviews and provided me with a lot to talk about when discussing what experience within the finance sector I already had. 

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Oliver Gorman