School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences

Transfer to Medicine or Dentistry

Transfer to Medicine or Dentistry

You can apply to transfer to Medicine or Dentistry after your first year of study.

This option is open to home and international students on any of our undergraduate programmes. Transfer is into the first year of either the Medicine or Dentistry programme.

You can apply to transfer to Medicine and Dentistry from any of the following programmes in the School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences:

BSc Honours in Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry, Biomedical Genetics, Pharmacology, Physiological Sciences
MSci in Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Genetics, Biochemistry

Please note Sport and Exercise Science students and Food and Nutrition students are not eligible to apply.

Download our‌ transfer to medicine or dentistry guide (PDF: 1 MB).

Get more information about the Medicine transfer route and Dentistry transfer route.

Read more about the Medicine and Dentistry degree courses.


This scheme is very competitive.

In Medicine, 46 students applied for transfer in 2019-2020, 15 were invited for interview and 8 students were given conditional offers (subject to Semester Two results).

In Dentistry, 15 students applied for transfer in 2019-2020, 4 were invited for interview and 1 student was given a conditional offer (subject to Semester Two results).

Read what our successful transfer students say about the scheme

I knew I was interested in the possibility to transfer to Dentistry from Biomedical Sciences, so I started off by attending the lectures given by the universities’ career’s advisor and by former successful transfer applicants. These lectures provided basic information about the transfer process as well as providing information on what to expect at interview and how best to prepare for it. I found these lectures really helpful, as I had never had a dentistry interview before. Then over the Christmas break, I wrote my application and revised lots to ensure I met the minimum of a 75% average mark requirement. I was soon offered an interview and I spent the coming weeks preparing for it. On the day of the interview, I was given a tour of the dental school before my interview began. The interviewers were really friendly and supportive, and I went away happy with how I had performed. Then a week later, I found out the good news. I then revised lots for the summer examinations, to ensure I maintained my average grade and was successful in completing the transfer.
Harry, transferring to Dentistry September 2020

I really enjoyed my first semester of Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle, however the time spent studying human biology further cemented medicine as the subject that I wanted to pursue. The transfer scheme has given me a fantastic opportunity to follow through on this desire. Around the beginning of December, in semester one, a presentation was given on how to apply for the transfer scheme, including a timeline of events such as when the application deadline. This, coupled with talks given by successful students that had been held previously, made me feel more confident in what to include in my application and how the process would work. Having met the grade requirement in semester one and the UKCAT threshold, I was invited to interview, although unfortunately this had to be given via Zoom call due to lockdown. Despite this, the setup was clearly explained. The interviewers were very friendly and I genuinely enjoyed talking about my passion for medicine. I am so greatful for the opportunity I have been given and I would encourage anyone who feels like their heart lies with medicine to give the trasfer a go!
Anis, transferring to Medicine September 2020

My first year at Newcastle studying Biomedical Science has been such a great experience, the course itself was interesting and all of the staff were so helpful. Although I really enjoyed Biomed this year, I knew from the start I wanted to transfer to Medicine. The transfer scheme gives you an alternative way to get into medicine but definitely shouldn’t be considered an ‘easier’ way in. The requirements include doing well academically, having a good UCAT score and personal statement and then being successful in interview. Despite having to work hard to meet these requirements I was still able to enjoy my time at university, playing football, volunteering and enjoying Newcastle’s night life. With there only being a small number of places it may seem daunting but my advice would be to not give up. If you put your mind to it and work hard there’s no reason why you can’t be successful.
Beth, transferring to MedicineSeptember 2020

From research I undertook before applying, I knew the biomedicine transfer scheme was a highly competitive route but - after initially missing out on my medicine offer due to my grades - I was determined to try my hardest to succeed. Throughout the year, we were given many opportunities to learn more about the transfer scheme and develop our application. This included improving interview technique and gaining experience via labs, assignments and societies. I was particularly impressed with the university keeping us so well informed on developments with the scheme, especially with the unexpected lockdown conditions meaning interviews had to be conducted over Zoom. I believe that my experiences this year with university life have helped to further prepare me to begin medicine.
Aimee, transferring to Medicine September 2020

At the start of my first year, I encountered many students that planned to switch from Biomedical Science to Medicine which gave me an insight into the competitive nature of the transfer scheme and instilled in me a determination to succeed and see my dreams turn to reality. My first year was an amazing learning experience! In addition to gaining academic and clinical knowledge, I also learnt a lot about myself. What motivated me, my limits and how to plan ahead to reduce stress. I tried out different study methods to identify which could help me retain information best. Furthermore, being an international student, I learned to familiarize myself with the expectations of the curriculum. After submitting my application for the transfer program I started preparing for semester one final examinations. Utilizing my school’s mock MCQ exams, I was able to identify topics where I needed to improve and the ones that were quicker to grasp. This helped increase my focus. Preparing study timetables helped me get most of the work done. Thereby, I planned my entire month to include reviewing the material, consulting additional resources, practicing different types of math questions and flipping through my seminar and practical content. Reviewing the syllabus multiple times made me feel confident and prepared on the day of the exam thereby allowing me to perform to the best of my ability. I was elated when I was called for an interview in March! I prepared for this by watching mock interview videos online and consulting different websites on general question topics and thankfully I received an offer.
Sanjana, transferring to Medicine September 2020