School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences

Teaching Facilities

Teaching Facilities

We have great facilities, ranging from classrooms and computer clusters, to laboratories and a medical library.

School facilities

We have a dedicated Teaching Support Office, with a School Manager and ten professional support staff.  We also have a team of nine technical staff who support our undergraduate teaching.  

The School has four large teaching laboratories and an undergraduate resource room.  

The University invested £1.308 million to redesign and refurbish two of our teaching laboratories (Labs A and B) in summer 2018.  The new design allows for use of a single large laboratory to accommodate approximately 200 students in a high quality, bright and airy space.  A descending dividing wall allows for two different practical classes to be accommodated simultaneously in the two laboratories.

Take a 360virtual tour of our fantastic teaching laboratories Lab A and Lab B.

Labs A and B ready for practical class

Faculty Facilities

There are a number of seminar rooms and classrooms in the building. These are for small group teaching, accommodating up to 40 students each.

The Walton Medical Library is located on the fifth floor of the Faculty of Medical Sciences building. It carries an extensive stock of electronic and hard copy books and journals relating to all the taught modules and the research of the Faculty.

The faculty also has five computer clusters, with between 20 and 90 PCs each, for the use of students. All clusters are open between 09.00-17.00 Monday to Friday. One cluster has 24-hour access.
There is also an undergraduate common room and cafeteria on the ground floor of the Medical School.

Most students will work in one of our Faculty Research Institutes during their final year research project, where they have access to world-class research laboratory facilities and can gain hands-on experience of the very latest technology. 

Walton Library

University facilities

The Unviersity provides excellent facilities for staff, students and visitors.  These include:

Philip Robinson Library
The Sports Centre
The Students Union
Campus-wide IT facilities

Students Union
Newcastle University Students Union