School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences

Vacation Studentships 2017

Vacation Studentships 2017

The following students were awarded vacation studentships during summer 2017

Newcastle University

Oliver Stewart (BSc Biochemistry) – Supervisor:  Dr Luke Gaughan, NICR

Jenita Jona James (BSc Biomedical Sciences) – Supervisor:  Dr Anna Basu, IoN

Nathan Kindred (BSc Biomedical Sciences) – Supervisor:  Dr Peter Banks, ICAMB

Salem Nizami (BSc Biochemistry) – Supervisor:  Dr Laura Maringele, ICAMB

Yuen Tung Chan (BSc Biomedical Sciences) – Supervisor:  Prof Nicola Curtin, NICR

Eleanor Johnston (BSc Pharmacology) – Supervisor:  Prof Johannes Attems, IoN

Gaby Barran (BSc Biomedical Sciences) – Monash University, Melbourne (Exchange Placement)

Joely Hawke (BSc Biomedical Sciences) – Monash University, Melbourne (Exchange Placement)

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Stuart Fulton (MSci Biomedical Sciences) – Supervisor:  Prof Ian Hickson, NICR

Florence Martin (BSc Pharmacology) – Supervisor:  Dr Laura Yates, IGM

Olivia Gittins (BSc Pharmacology) – Supervisor:  Prof Andrew Mellor, ICM

Hellen Timmins (BSc Biomedical Sciences) – Supervisor:  Prof Jane Endicott, NICR

Thomas Kidder (BSc Biochemistry) – Supervisor:  Dr David Bolam, ICAMB

Ksenia Kharlamova (BSc Biomedical Genetics) – Supervisor:  Dr Viktor Korolchuk, ICAMB

Irma Lepeseva (BSc Biomedical Genetics) – Supervisor: Dr Alberto Sanz Montero, ICAMB

Raif Hebishi (BSc Biomedical Sciences) – Supervisor: Dr Gavin Clowry, IoN

Francesca Jones (MSci Biomedical Genetics) – Supervisor:  Prof Mary Herbert, IGM

Laura Atkinson (BSc Physiological Sciences) – Supervisor:  Dr Roshan, NUMed Malaysia

The Wellcome Trust

Sarah Poyntz (BSc Physiological Sciences) – Supervisor:  Prof Adrian Rees/Dr Quoc Vuong, IoN

Emma Corbin (BSc Biochemistry) – Supervisor:  Dr Niall Kenneth, ICAMB

Kathryn Patterson (BSc Biochemistry) – Supervisor:  Dr Kelly Coffey, NICR

Joseph Parsons (BSc Biochemistry) – Supervisor: Prof Neil Perkins, ICAMB

Catalin Luncanu (BSc Biochemistry) – Supervisor:  Dr Laura Maringele, ICAMB

Robin Hollis (BSc Biomedical Genetics) – Supervisor:  Prof Z Chrzanowska-Lightowlers/Prof R Lightowlers, IoN/ICAMB

Laura Walker (MSci Biochemistry) – Supervisor:  Prof Jeff Errington, ICAMB


Isabella Lawrence (BSc Biomedical Sciences) – Supervisor:  Dr Claudia Schneider, ICAMB

Other sources of funding

Natalija Stepurko (BSc Biochemistry) – Supervisor:  Dr Marko Hyvonen, University of Cambridge (Amgen Scholar)

Viktorija Avilkina (BSc Biomedical Genetics) – Supervisor: Prof John Loughlin (Newcastle Work Experience)

Emma Lockwood (BSc Pharmacology) – Supervisor:  Dr Sen Arjune, Oxford University

Hannah Yuk Lam (BSc Biomedical Sciences) – Supervisor:  Prof David Lydall, ICAMB (Genetics Society)

John Gallagher (BSc Physiological Sciences) – Supervisor:  Dr Chris Ward, ICAMB (Cystic Fibrosis Trust)

Rebecca McCamley (MSci Biomedical Sciences) – Supervisor:  Dr Kevin Waldron, ICAMB (Microbiology Society)

Sahand Tabrizi (BSc Biomedical Sciences) – Supervisor: Prof Paula Moynihan, Dental Sciences (Rank Prize)

Joseph Barsby (BSc Biomedical Sciences) – Supervisor:  Dr Anthony De-Soyza, ICM (British Lung Foundation/Cystic Fibrosis Trust)

Issac Goh (BSc Biomedical Sciences) – Supervisor:  Dr Helen Waller, ICAMB (Prof Jeremy Lakey)