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SOLAR outreach team

SOLAR Outreach Team

We offer opportunities to volunteer as part of the SOLAR Outreach team that teach science practicals in schools

SOLAR is a student-led group of undergraduate students who will lead fun, interactive and highly engaging science workshops for a variety of age ranges.  If you would like to become a member of the SOLAR team please contact Dr Vanessa Armstrong or complete the online form.

We are delighted to announce that the SOLAR team were runner up for the Youth Volunteering Award in the Community Impact Awards 2020!  Well done to everyone involved in the team!!

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Read what some of our SOLAR members thought of the scheme:

Volunteering at SOLAR has been such a fun and interactive experience not just for me but for the students at school, and I love spending my Wednesday afternoon doing this whenever I can. I’ve been on visits with the oldest being year 6 and some with children even as young as year 1! It can be a challenge to simplify the science for the younger ones, but you’d be surprised at how much they know and can understand. We do a range of activities from a certain topic which could be about the heart, germs, PCR for the older ones, and even DNA extraction from fruit! Every visit I always meet children who are so enthusiastic about science and the class gets very excited when we visit. They really enjoy it a lot and what some of them say sometimes will make you laugh!
Rani, Stage 2 Biomedical Sciences

SOLAR was a great way of gaining experience in presenting to a wide age range and is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills. Additionally, all the sessions SOLAR run are easy and fun to do from drawing bacteria in primary schools to thinking about heart at secondary schools and how pcr’s work at college level. A big aim of these sessions are to hopefully inspire upcoming students at all levels to think about science more and possibly look at studying science at a higher level. SOLAR sessions are always run in a group format so no-one is left to feel isolated and unsure of what to do and you can do as little or as many sessions as you want. The entire team are friendly and are always looking for more volunteers from all science backgrounds.
Antony, Stage 3 Biomedical Sciences