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Student Support

Student Support

Our range of student services are there to support you through your studies with us.

We offer a range of services to support you through your time with us. 

Two of the first people you meet at university will be your personal tutor and your peer mentor. Your personal tutor is an academic member of staff whose role is to provide academic and pastoral support and to act as a link between you and the University.  You will be assigned a personal tutor as soon as you register at the University and will meet them during induction week.

You may hear from your peer mentor even before you begin at University.  Peer mentors are second and third year students who have volunteered to guide new students through the first year of studies and help them settle into life at Newcastle.  They’ll arrange a meeting with you and their other mentees (3-4 others) for the first week of University but you’ll probably have a good idea of who they are before then from social media and e-mail contact.  They can provide practical advice about student life at Newcastle and also what to expect in lectures and other classes.  You’ll see them throughout the first year and beyond if you choose.

The Faculty of Medical Sciences has a Study Skills Advisor who can provide help on learning techniques, time management and organisational skills – all crucial to success at university.  In addition, help with academic writing and maths problems can be sought from the Writing Development Centre and Maths Aid, services run by the University library. We also have available an electronic resource, the Academic Skills Kit (or ASK) which provides help on information on a broad range of subjects.

For international students, societies within the NUSU provide welcome events and social activities throughout the year including during vacations.

For international students, HOST UK offers an opportunity to sample the British way of life. We have a network of UK residents who welcome international students into their homes for a weekend or over holidays. It's free of charge. HOST provides helpful support for students who are unable to return home over the vacations.

As well as the above, course advisors, senior tutors, the Degree Programme Director and Head of School, Student Wellbeing and the Student Advice Centre are also all available to help with more complex issues.

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