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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Study abroad students can spend a semester or a year with us. You'll gain both cultural and academic skills, by integrating with our students, the school and the faculty.

To participate in one of our study abroad programmes for international students, you need to have completed at least one year of study at your home institution. You can earn credits to transfer to your home institution.

Our hope is that students who join us, whether for a whole academic year or for one semester, will gain both culturally and academically by fully integrating with our students, both in the School and in the wider Faculty. There are great opportunities to experience first-class research and, for those on the pre-med study abroad programme, get to grips with the unique nature of the British National Health Service.

The School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences offers the following two programmes. If you need any further information, contact our Director of Pre-Med and Study Abroad Programmes Dr Carys Watts.


Sports and Exercise student preparing for an experiment

Pre-med programme

This programme is for pre-medical students from North America, planning to apply to a United States Medical School.

You can choose any of the biomedical modules that we offer to our undergraduate students (depending on timetabling). You can also choose modules from one of the other faculties (depending on timetabling constraints) at the discretion of the home institute.

There are also specially designed options for pre-med study abroad students. These aim to further enhance your medical school application, and include a clinical skills module.

You'll also do clinical shadowing in one of the teaching hospitals. This will give you the chance to observe and learn from a clinician as they work with patients, and gain experience of the UK National Health Service. Although the shadowing is arranged for a set period of time most students build a relationship with a clinician, and, as a result, are able to gain further experience with the clinician, or with their colleagues. 

Many students have been able to gain experience in research labs through contacting principal investigators at the University.

If you successfully complete an appropriate course of study during your pre-med study abroad programme, you can apply for entry to one of the BSc (Hons) programmes offered by the School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences.

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Biomedical Sciences programme

This programme is for international students who want to study Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle. It exposes you to high profile teaching and research.

You'll be able to study most of the modules offered by the School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences.

Students taking Liberal Arts programmes at their home University may also choose modules from one of the other Faculties (depending on timetable constraints).

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