School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences

Sixth Form Workshop

Sixth Form Workshop

The School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences will run two days of workshops for sixth form students interested in pursuing a career in science.

Date/Time: 18th September and 20th September 2018, 12.50 - 16.00

These afternoon workshops are great for year 13 students who are interested in Science and wish to find out more about the breadth of Biomedical Sciences at University. Students can chose from the below workshops. The workshops each run for 2.5 hours and are interactive.

The Immune System in Human Disease 

White blood cells have a major role in defending the body against infection. This session looks at the different types of white blood cells and their roles in defence. Students will stain blood smears for microscopic examination to identify and count different white blood cell populations. We shall also discuss how numbers of these cells can change in diseases such as HIV and leukaemia. Antibodies are large glycoproteins present in the blood and other body fluids that protect against infection, but which can also play a harmful role in some diseases. In this session, we will also see how antibodies can be detected in the laboratory and how this can be useful in the diagnosis of disease.

Sport and Exercise Science 

Sports and exercise science is an exciting discipline that brings together the academic fields of physiology, nutrition, sport and health psychology, and biomechanics. Understanding the scientific basis of sport and exercise helps, us detect, prevent and manage diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cognitive impairment. It also helps us reduce the risk of injury and optimise performance of both recreational and elite athletes. In this session, you will hear from a range of internationally recognised academics across different areas of sports and exercise science. You will also have the opportunity to gain hands on experience measuring different aspects of fitness and health.

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Bookings will be doing via on online booking form and will open W/C 14th May 2018.
Students must book their own place using this booking form.

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