Bioinformatics Support Unit



The Bioinformatics Support Unit delivers analytical solutions for high-throughput molecular biology data.

Who we are

The Newcastle University Bioinformatics Support Unit (BSU) was established in 2005 to address a need for bioinformatics expertise and advice in the analysis of data from studies in molecular biology, particularly DNA sequence, transcriptomics and proteomics data. The unit was designed to provide expertise on demand or allow bioinformatician time to be costed into a proposal.

The BSU has a history of successful and productive collaborations with investigators from across Newcastle University and beyond. Researchers in the BSU have co-authored 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers and provided input into many more.

The director of the Bioinformatics Support Unit is Dr Simon Cockell, a bioinformatician of nearly 15 years' experience who has been with the Unit since it's founding, and been director since 2011. The Unit is staffed by an experienced and skilled team of bioinformaticians, who come from a broad range of backgrounds and bring a wide spectrum of expertise.

Where we are

The Bioinformatics Support Unit has offices in two locations:

  • M.2046, William Leech Building, Medical School
  • B239, Bioscience West Wing, Centre for Life

Contact us if you want to talk to a member of the Unit about your data analysis requirements.

What we do

The BSU is happy to offer advice on study design from an analytical perspective, particularly with respect to power and sample size calculations for high throughput experiments.

We undertake on-demand analytical projects across a range of disciplines, costed according to fEC (full Economic Costing) guidelines. The BSU is a TRAC (Transparent Approach to Costing) facility.

We are also happy to collaborate on research applications across their full life cycle - from advice and assistance with applications, to including BSU staff as researchers on your project, and contributing to manuscript and report preparation.