Newcastle University Business School

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Challenges and possibilities for job mobility for the 50+ population

Part of the Human Resource Management, Work and Employment research groups' seminar series

Date/Time: Monday 27 November, 16:30 - 18:30

Venue: Room 1.14, Newcastle University Business School

Speaker: Anne Inga Hilsen

It is increasingly recognised that the ability of individuals to work into older age may require some form of job movement. Individuals may need to move jobs because they find themselves out of work, or because the work they do is no longer suitable for them. This presentation presents preliminary results from a project exploring job/career mobility patterns among older workers in Norway and the UK. The aim of the project is to generate actionable knowledge that can be used by employers and other stakeholders to improve policy and practice in this area. The project uses a mixed-method approach, combining register and survey data analyses with qualitative case study studies and life course research. This allows us to analyse mobility patterns for older workers (50 +) and explore the factors influencing opportunities for job change. The comparison between the Norway and the UK will enable us to see how different cultural, legislative and regulative contexts affect recruitment, mobility and late careers. We will present preliminary results from Norway: a quantitative analysis of labour market mobility among older workers and a typology of different approaches to mobility based on the qualitative research.