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Professor Darren Duxbury Advises on the Pain of Paying for Aviva’s Save Smarter Campaign

Our very own Professor Darren Duxbury has recently engaged with Aviva on their Save Smarter campaign; a selection of articles and guides on saving and investing with a focus on encouraging people to get their money working harder.

Duxbury, an expert in the areas of experimental and behavioural finance, and founder and Research Group Head of Behavioural Research in Finance (BRiF), linked in with Aviva to help them better understand the pain of paying theory.

The ‘pain of paying’ is a behavioural concept which theorises that spending can be more or less painful depending on the payment method used. For example, you may be able to rid yourself of any negative emotion when paying with a contactless card as you have disassociated from the actual payment.

To read more about Aviva and Darren Duxbury’s work on the pain of paying, please click here.

published on: 12 April 2016