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Busy Backpack

2017 graduate Weiting is on a quest to help international students integrate into local culture.

About Busy Backpack

Started in April 2018, Busy Backpack is a UK-based online community platform that aims at helping international students engage with the UK arts, culture, creative and business sectors, which includes offline workshops and events. Their mission is connecting people at a cultural level and creating more opportunities in terms of cultural exchange and trade.

The story behind it is every overseas student carries their favourite backpack with them and hope to gain as much as valuable skills, knowledge and experiences while studying abroad and bring them back with their favourite backpacks. However, many of them tend to forget about this.

Busy Backpack are passionate about creating a better overseas experience for international students, helping them integrate into local culture and communities, develop their potential talent and build up their social life while studying abroad.

Headquarters location: Newcastle upon Tyne

Number of employees: Three


Five-year vision: To become the major platform for empowering international students to integrate into different cultures and develop their creative mindsets in order to achieve what they are passionate about in their lives. 

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