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2016 graduate Chloe triumphs in Singapore's tea bar trend.


CAMELLIA茗岩® is a Singapore boutique tea retail and wholesaler that brings accessibility of premium tea to the public. They are specialised in Wuyi rock tea, once known as the imperial tribute tea, though often being associated with 'luxury' and 'indulgence' they see it as a benchmark for excellence. By sourcing directly from the farm and keeping close ties with the craft inheritance masters, standard of quality is ensured.

Chloe launched her first tea bar in 2017 at Katong Square, the heart of local heritage cultural hub. Its purpose is for over-the-bar classic tea brewing experience and a meeting point for friends and family in the neighbourhood to explore the realm of finest tea. Their customers enjoy the refreshing way that their tea is presented reflecting in the fact that they were featured in Female magazine's May 2017 issue, Singapore's leading fashion and beauty magazine, and were invited to participate in the Singapore Tea Festival in the subsequent year.

Headquarters location: Singapore

Number of employees: 1-10


Five-year vision: They believe in nurturing the youth to ensure continuation of tea tradition and wisdom, therefore have been an active tea sponsor to local university students (NTU, NUS). This too echoes upon their mission to foster tea culture in the community whilst keeping the heritage and tradition. It also corresponds to their mission towards preserving orthodox craft while adapting to the dynamic sphere.

Business accolades: Voted the #1 Tea Bar in Singapore by TallyPress

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