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2009 graduate Michael is changing recruitment with a digital approach!

About Equitas


Equitas was founded in 2016 to help companies make better hiring decisions. After years of experience assessing and interviewing tens of thousands of candidates the founders realised the two key issues in assessment were: an inefficient paper based approach and assessor bias.

Equitas make the delivery of interviews and assessment centres digital. The platform allows companies to hire the best people using a simple, intuitive and structured approach to assessing and selecting candidates.

They are changing the approach to assessment with a focus on eliminating assessor bias, improving accuracy and making the assessment process more efficient with a digital approach.

Headquarters location: London

Number of employees: Two


Five-year vision: To be the leading provider of digital interviews and assessments in the UK and Ireland. To reduce bias in assessment using technology to help people recruit more diverse teams.

Michael's advice for starting your own business:

Start speaking to potential customers as early as you possibly can. You’ll rarely feel like you’re as far along as you want to be but by going out, talking to people, getting honest feedback and building long term relationships is the way to make progress. 

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