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2016 graduates Lukas and Vincent make a splash in the alcoholic beverage industry by leveraging on the Brit's love of tea!

About Noveltea

NOVELTEA (11%) disrupts the alcoholic beverage industry by introducing a distinctive product portfolio around the concept of tea – the most consumed beverage in the world, after water.

The Business was started in September 2016, after Lukas completed his Master's Degree in International Business Management, he started the business with his partner Vincent by winning the Newcastle University’s Start-Up Programme. Both founders have over four years of experience in various sectors and business disciplines. At Tea Venture, Vincent is responsible for Sales, Marketing, and HR, while Lukas focuses on Finance, Operations, and Internationalisation.

Noveltea currently produces three unique flavours:

  • The Tale of Tangier (Green Mint Tea with Rum) 
  • The Tale of Oolong (Oolong with Whisky)
  • The Tale of Earl Grey (Early Grey with Gin) 

Headquarters location: Newcastle upon Tyne

Number of employees: Six


Five-year vision:  Leader of the new product category of Alcoholic Tea Blends.

Business accolades:

  • UK’s Start Up of the Year 2017 at Aagrah Annual Business Dinner Awards 2017
  • Europe’s Most innovative Food & Beverage Product 2018 at Sial Shanghai Innovation Award

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