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WinWin Tutoring

2015 graduate Hui is helping to make life for international students overseas easier, happier and more successful!

About WinWin Tutoring

WinWin Tutoring is a UK-based online education institution that offers one-to-one tutoring to international students studying at UK universities. The core service focuses on enhancing academic performance, transcending cultural barriers, building self-confidence and personalised career planning.

Their mission is to empower students to succeed academically, and adapt socially and culturally to the exciting challenges that British life offers.

They are committed to their students' success and accompany them through all the challenges of their UK life to ensure they not only excel but also enjoy every step of the journey. They offer regular, progressive feedback. With WinWin Tutoring's help, students make consistent academic progress and develop social and cultural confidence, enhancing their career prospects.

Headquarters location: Gateshead

Number of employees: 50 - 100


Five-year vision: To create the biggest international students' community in the UK.

Advice for international students who want to set up their own business: 

Develop good language skills if English isn't your first language, as this will help you to develop confidence and adapt more easily to UK culture, communication and work styles. It is important to understand how to work with local people.

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