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Genetic testing offered by spin-out company.

NewGene was established through a partnership between the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University.

They are a pioneer in developing, validating and delivering molecular diagnostics. They use the latest high throughput sequencing and genotyping technologies.

NewGene’s core team has a background in molecular genetics within the NHS.  They combine this clinical and laboratory expertise with the use of high throughput sequencing platforms. They can deliver this high quality, fast turnaround service at an attractive price.

NewGene collaborate with clinicians and scientists. Together they deliver optimal services to regional and national NHS Trusts and overseas healthcare providers.  The NewGene HCPC registered Clinical Scientists are critical to the service. They are qualified to approve clinical reports.

The links between Newcastle University and NewGene have been important to the company’s success story.  David Huntley served as the company’s Chief Executive for its first six years of operation.

NewGene is an example of how leading edge expertise and equipment, originating in Newcastle, are helping improve lives via a self-sustaining business model.

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