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Video Enhanced Observation (VEO)

Video Enhanced Observation (VEO)

Video Enhanced Observation (VEO) provides training and staff development though use of live-tag video on accessible devices.


VEO is a video-tagging system that allows users to timestamp their video. This enhances the quality and convenience of review, whilst generating valuable statistics on activity. The system also includes an app and user-portal. 

User-generated video then becomes a valuable resource to improving practice. The system:

  • makes video accessible through data
  • adds valuable video evidence to raw statistics on performance
  • marries qualitative and quantitative data to build powerful understanding of interaction and process
  • prioritises ease of use, flexibility and clarity

No other comparable solutions currently exist.

The Video Enhanced Observation (VEO) user portal.
VEO user portal.

Current work

VEO is working with UK and International education institutions with innovative approaches to learning. Including: School 21, Harvard University, Philips Exeter Academy NH., George Stephenson High School, The Soulard School MI, and PESTA, Singapore.

VEO has grown its customer base into several sectors including clinical simulation, with Teesside University and Sunderland University supporting students and practitioners in a wide range of medical fields.


VEO’s goal is to provide lifetime learning technology that accompanies users from cradle to grave. VEO aims to work across cultures and traditional sector boundaries. 

VEO improves service quality and saves time and money – favouring extended use to achieve significant change.

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