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Colour Vision Testing Services

Colour Vision Testing Services

The Institute of Neuroscience runs facilities for testing human and animal perception and behaviour.

We are offering to test and diagnose colour vision deficiencies, in particular all X-linked colour deficiencies commonly referred to as red-green colour blindness. Depending on the tests used, a session can be between one to two hours long and be performed in either a single or two separate sittings.

Typically, a secure diagnosis can be achieved in 20 minutes. All tests are non-invasive and simply involve the client to making judgments (eg discriminating, matching, ordering, naming) of coloured lights or pigment samples under standardised lighting conditions.

We use a comprehensive battery of both clinical tests and more sophisticated tests initially developed for research purposes. Clinical tests include the Ishihara Plates, the Neitz Test, the Farnsworth-Munsell 100-Hue test, the Cambridge Colour Test, and the Anomaloscope.

These tests are norm-referenced behavioural tests in which procedures follow strict, pre-specified rules. In addition, we are offering to test our clients with equipment uniquely developed at Newcastle University. These include a Maxwellian-view colorimeter and a specifically designed viewing booth.