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Graduate takes FinTech industry by storm with international hackathon

22 December 2021

Newcastle University Business School alum, Anastasiia Ilicheva, celebrates the success of their international blockchain hackathon, ‘The Babylon Project’, which returns for a second year.

World Blockchain Hackathon

The Babylon Project 2.0 returned in November for a month-long event that was open to participants and observers of the metaverse. The hackathon ran from Friday 29 October for just under a month, with the winners being announced at the closing ceremony on Saturday 27 November.

The event was aimed at individuals who wanted to use and implement their knowledge of blockchain in an environment where they could network and build their skillset.

Participants had the opportunity to put their skills into practice with like-minded enthusiasts, whether working on their own projects or overseeing the developments as an observer. 

The event allowed participants, observers, and companies to network with each other through a variety of resources at the event. Sessions included workshops, panel talks and even yoga sessions.

Anastasiia Ilicheva, graduate of International Marketing and Management BSc, found the activities helped panellists and guest speakers connect with the attendees, which brought a new dynamic to the event and added to its success.

Anastasiia said: “We try to cover a range of topics during our Panel Talks so every member of the ecosystem could be involved in the discussion afterwards. Since the Babylon Project is a highly diverse and international event, we are also connecting speakers from different countries but within the same niche.

For example, after the Babylon Project 2020, more than 10 corporate partnerships have been secured within the ecosystem.”

From Fashion to FinTech

Whilst studying at NUBS Anastasiia was always interested in fashion as opposed to the FinTech industry. It wasn’t until after she had graduated, Anastasiia formed an interest in hackathons.

The NUBS graduate credits the education and skills learnt on the course to the success of the event, where she honed her talents in time management, teamwork, communication, sales and presenting.

Anastasiia said; “Without practical experience, which was partly gained during the education, the hackathon would not be possible.”

Without practical experience, which was partly gained during the education, the hackathon would not be possible.

Anastasiia Ilicheva, Co-Founder of World Blockchain Hackathon

Due to the success of this year’s event, The Babylon Project 3.0 will return next autumn. New ecosystems are always welcome. To find further information please visit the hackathon Discord page or follow the Babylon Project on LinkedIn.