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About the subject group

The Economics subject group includes 32 academics (22 lecturers, three senior lecturers, seven professors/readers), two postdoctoral research associates and 20 PhD students.

Our research is grouped under the following key themes:

  • Economics of safety, health, environment, and risk
  • Behavioural and experimental economics
  • Labour, education, and health economics
  • Macroeconomics, policies, and institutions in open economic systems
  • Spatial, urban, regional, international, and industrial economics
  • Applied time series econometrics
  • Finance, financial economics, and financial econometrics.

There is a weekly seminar series hosting academics from the UK and abroad, an internal brown-bag seminars series, and a series for PhD students.

Our PhD students are offered a PhD Programme with specific economics modules and more general research modules run by the Faculty of Humanities Arts and Social Science.

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