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An internationally-renowned economics community known for its primarily applied research.

About our research community

The Economics community is well-known internationally for its primarily applied research. Our vibrant research environment is built around a range of activities:

  • weekly seminar series hosting academics from the UK and abroad
  • internal brown-bag seminars
  • a seminar series and annual conference for PhD students
  • discussion paper series
Bank of England and Royal Exchange at twilight.

Our academics are producing world-leading research and contribute to several research projects funded by research councils and international organisations. They collaborate widely within the University and externally. Our applied research informs and influences policymaking within the UK and throughout the world.

The group also maintains the Newcastle Experimental and Behavioural Economics Lab.

We have an enthusiastic group of PhD students. The PhD Programme comprises advanced economics training in the first year, alongside more general research modules run by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Key themes

Newcastle Experimental and Behavioural Economics Lab

The Newcastle Experimental and Behavioural Economics Lab is a state-of-the-art research facility for conducting studies in experimental economics and economic psychology and allows testing economic theory, measuring preferences, pre-testing policy interventions.

The lab has 36 participant workstations with privacy screens, two experimenter workstations and a full suite of experimental software packages are available.

Students sit at the workstations in the Economics Lab

In addition to the research facilities, we offer weekly lab meetings attended by a multi-disciplinary group of researchers who conduct experimental research and are based in different faculties across Newcastle University. We also welcome external expressions of interest.

The Lab is located in NUBS.2.01. For further information, please contact Dr Till Weber.

Funded research projects

Discussion papers

The Economics research community develop a series of discussion papers throughout the academic year, covering a wide range of topics. Below you will find their latest papers.

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