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VALUMICS: Understanding food value chains and network dynamics

VALUMICS: Understanding food value chains and network dynamics

  • Project Dates: 31/05/2021 (End)
  • Project Leader: Professor Matt Gorton, Newcastle University Business School
  • Sponsors: European Commission

The overall objective of the VALUMICS project is to provide decision makers throughout food value chains with a comprehensive suite of approaches and tools that will enable them to evaluate the impact of strategic and operational policies, and enhance the resilience, integrity and sustainability of food value chains for European countries.

The project brings together 19 European partners from 14 countries, and two Asian partners. It develops approaches and tools to analyse the structure, dynamics, resilience and impact of food chains on food security, economic development and the environment.

To achieve this, VALUMICS analyses the suitability of selected indicators to capture the evolution of resilience, the sustainability and the integrity of a set of major food value chains across Europe, and their transformative capacity. It also develops an integrated modelling approach and use for the analysis of external and internal drivers influencing the performance of food value chains and demonstrate options for improved business strategies.

Finally, it builds foresight scenarios to reflect on the possible evolution of those food chains and on the kind of public, private and civil society instruments that would enable enhancing their desirable outcomes or counteract their negative impacts.

The Newcastle University team lead the research focuses on modelling supply chain logistics (Task 7.1) and agri-business profitability (Task 5.6).

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