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UKRI GCRF Living Deltas Hub

UKRI GCRF Living Deltas Hub

  • Project Dates: 31/03/2024 (End)
  • Project Leader: Dr Andy Large (PI); Newcastle University (Anthropocene Research Group), Professor Susan Chilton (COI); Newcastle University Business School
  • Sponsors: NERC

Additional Co-I’s on the project include Professor Darren Duxbury, Newcastle University Business School and Dr. Srmiti Sharma, Newcastle University Business School.

The GCRF Living Deltas Hub will co-develop transdisciplinary frameworks needed to understand delta Socio Economic Systems (SES’s), and will work with delta-dwellers and policymakers to develop solutions that can help realise the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in delta contexts.

The Hub comprises six innovative work packages co-developed with Global South partners and research institutes addressing specific in-country and delta-scale needs. NUBs contributes to Workpackage 2 “Delta system characterization and risk assessment”. There are two main starnds to our investigations:

  • (i) in-depth assessment of the risks to local SES emanating from households’ attitudes and behaviors in order to explore the potential for behavioural-based interventions to mitigate these risks.
  • (ii) develop a novel methodology  combining environmental and human safety valuation frameworks to inform economic decision-making at the national or transnational level, to capture the economic value of delta improvement actions and/or risk mitigation and resilience enhancement measures.

Visit the project website here.