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Postgraduate research students

Postgraduate research students

Learn about some of the research undertaken by our current postgraduate research students.

Our research students took part in exciting research projects. Please use the search box below to explore the research areas of our current students.

Current students

Abdullah Al Mamun

Abdullah's subject area is Marketing, Operation & Systems (Entrepreneurship and Sustainability). Abdullah's PhD project title is 'Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Developing Context: A Problem-Solving Approach by Indigenous Entrepreneurs'. Read more about Abdullah's research.

Aditi Adhikari

Aditi's subject area is Project Management/Project Studies. Aditi's PhD project title is 'Evaluating the implications of agile principles and ethos in public sector organisations'. Read more about Aditi's research.

Alexei Musundire

Alexei's subject area is Accounting & Finance specialising in Financial Performance and Environment Management Practices. Alexei's PhD project title is 'The effect of Environmental Management Practices on Financial Performance of Companies in Zimbabwe'. Read more about Alexei's research.

Alvart Balmanian

Alvart's subject area is Accounting & Finance specialising in Behavioural Finance. Alvart's PhD project title is 'Investor sentiment and options volume trading around M&A announcements'. Read more about Alvart's research.

Amani Alabed

Amani's subject area is Marketing & Consumer Behaviour. Amani's PhD project title is 'Artificial Intelligence Anthropomorphism and Its Effect on the User’s Psychological Processes'. Read more about Amani's research.

Andrea M Lane

Andrea's subject area is Entrepreneurship. Andrea's PhD project title is competence development of entrepreneurship educators and its impact on current practices. Read more about Andrea's research.

Austin Okeke

Austin's subject area is Operations Research. Austin's PhD project title is 'The influence of institutional pressures on sustainability emphasis and SCM practices in the Nigerian oil and gas industry'. Read more about Austin's research.

Fahad Fayadh H Alanazi

Fahad's subject area is Leadership and Management. Fahad's PhD project title is 'Leadership development in Saudi Arabia'. Read more about Fahad's research.

Francesca Speed

Francesca's subject area is Leadership, Work and Organisation. Francesca's PhD project title is 'Syrian migrant positionalities and work-life belonging in North East England'. Read more about Francesca's research.

George Kiley

George's subject area is Future of Work. George's PhD project title is 'Leadership and wellbeing in a contemporary professional services firm: Is the 'nature of work' conducive to making employee wellbeing a reality? A cross cultural study'. Read more about George's research.

Haiyan Chen

Haiyan's subject area is Marketing. Haiyan's PhD project title is 'An investigation of the unintended negative consequences to consumers’ well-being resulting from the use of transformative self-service technologies: The case of health and fitness apps'. Read more about Haiyan's research.

Haoran Su

Haoran's subject area is Fintech. Haoran's PhD project title is 'The Relationship between Mobile Payment Platform and Customers’ Trust: An Empirical Analysis of Alipay in China'. Read more about Haoran's research.

Inamutila Kahupi (Nache)

Nache's subject area is Business & Management Nache's PhD project title is 'The Institutional Analysis Towards the Adoption and Diffusion of Circular Economy in a Developing Economy: A Case Study of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining in Namibia'. Read more about Nache's research.

James Terkura Ihum

James's subject area is Energy and Environmental Economics. James's PhD project title is 'Essays in Energy Transition'. Read more about James's research.

Jiahong Han

Jiahong's subject area is Economics. Jiahong's PhD project title is 'Internal Migration, trade openness, and the labour market: Evidence from China'. Read more about Jiahong's research.

Jill Hardacre

Jill's subject area is Leadership, Work and Organisation. Jill's PhD project title is 'Analysing Hidden Gendered Processes in the Neoliberal University'. Read more about Jill's research.

Kanatkit Thongpool

Kanatkit's subject area is Innovation Management (Innovation, Enterprise and Digital Business Research Group). Kanatkit's PhD project title is 'The Understanding of the Constructs, Dynamics, and Values of University Business Incubation Services: Case Studies of Public University Business Incubators in Thailand'. Read more about Kanatkit's research.

Lisa Smith

Lisa's subject area is Marketing. Lisa's PhD project title is 'Does socially inclusive advertising relieve the sense of exclusion or promote hedonistic consumption among stigmatised minorities?'. Read more about Lisa's research.

Lovewell Chiti

Lovewell's subject area is Accounting & Finance. Lovewell's PhD project title is 'Accounting and Accountability in Black Majority Churches (BMCs) in UK-a qualitative study'. Read more about Lovewell's research.

Meltem Hut

Meltem's subject area is Marketing, Operations and Systems; Consumer Behaviour. Meltem's PhD project title is The Temporalities of Food Wellbeing. Read more about Meltem's research.

Mohamed Al-Shafei

Mohamed's subject area is Marketing. Mohamed's PhD project title is 'Investigating the Effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence for Social Media Marketing of Luxury Brands'. Read more about Mohamed's research.

Mohammad Islam

Mohammad's subject area is Human Resource Management. Mohammad's PhD project title is 'An exploration of the fourth industrial revolution and Human Resource Management in the UK retail Industry'. Read more about Mohammad's research.

Muharrem Cevik

Muharrem's subject area is Economics. Muharrem's PhD project title is 'The Impact of Free Trade Agreements on Bilateral Trade Flows of Cultural Goods'. Read more about Muharrem's research.

Nichola Williams

Nichola's subject area is Economics. Nichola's PhD project title is 'Weather Shocks, Child Health & Education: Evidence from Guyana'. Read more about Nichola's research.

Nirat Rujimora

Nirat's subject area is Economics. Nirat's PhD project title is 'The Analysis of Regional Green Transition'. Read more about Nirat's research.

Nuzhat Nuery

Nuzhat's subject area is Marketing. Nuzhat's PhD project title is 'The Antecedents and Consequences of Social Media Engagement with a Sustainability Advertisement'. Read more about Nuzhats research.

Rui Liu

Rui's subject area is Marketing. Rui's PhD project title is 'Unpacking how technologies reshape social media marketing: Three studies'. Read more about Rui's research.

Sammie Duong Nguyen

Sammie's subject area is Marketing. Sammie's PhD project title is 'Consumer Acculturation to Ethnic Subcultures'. Read more about Sammie's research.

Shaker Alkaabneh

Shaker's subject area is Strategy, Organisation and Society (Digital Economy). Shaker's PhD project title is 'Organisational Adoption of AI ethics: A case study of UK FinTechs'. Read more about Shaker's research.

Sherly C Lie

Sherly's subject area is Marketing. Sherly's PhD project title is 'F is for Femvertising: The current state and future of women's empowerment in advertising'. Read more about Sherly's research.

Thomas Shanks

Thomas's subject area is Business (Innovation and Management). Thomas's PhD project title is 'Moving Forward: The Future of Mobility – Innovation and Management in the UK Private Hire and Taxi Industry'. Read more about Thomas's research.

Xinrui Jia

Xinrui's subject area is Accounting & Finance specialising in Audit and Fintech. Jo's PhD project title is 'Effect of disruptive technologies on audit risk and audit quality'. Read more about Xinrui's research.

Yemi Oyedeji-Arogundade

Yemi's subject area is Economics. Yemi's PhD project title is 'Gentrification and Schooling in the U.K'. Read more about Yemi's research.