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Aditi Adhikari

Aditi Adhikari

Project title

Evaluating the implications of agile principles and ethos in public sector organisations.


  • Dr Karen Elliot
  • Dr Rebecca Casey
  • Dr Marwa Elnahass



Project description

Nowadays majority of organisations are exploring novel business practices that lead to a flexible mindset, working principles as well as frameworks to obtain a leading position in this fast-evolving market. One such contemporary culture and methodology that has gained popularity in the last decade is known as “Agile”. In particular, public sector organisations are keen to explore the agile phenomenon (i.e., different narratives of agility i.e., culture (values and principles), along with working practices and methodologies).

Therefore, I aim to conduct a thorough analysis of public sector organisations to comprehend their existing structure, culture and working processes to determine its appropriateness for the agile paradigm and consequently, develop a customised transformation mechanism about adopting this paradigm.