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Alexei Musundire

Project title

The effect of Environmental Management Practices on Financial Performance of Companies in Zimbabwe.


  • Dr Claudia Gabbioneta
  • Dr Neveen Abdelrehim



Alexei Musundire

Project description

There is a wealth of research evidence on the effect of environmental management practices on company financial performance especially in the western world. However, many of these studies took place in developed economies with relatively high environmental support culture, strong environmental legislation, and high demand for green product. There is also a noticeable growing interest in research that increasingly focuses on developing countries such as China, Brazil, Iran, Saud, and Singapore. Nevertheless, these countries are ranked higher than the vast majority of developing countries, there is dearth of literature in respect of low-ranking developing countries such as Zimbabwe, which is characterised by weak environmental regulations, poor institutional governance structure, poverty, corruption and lack of green pressure groups.  In light of this evidence, the study seeks to investigate the relationship between environmental management practices on company financial performance in the Zimbabwean context.

Lastly, In September 2013, the new Zimbabwe constitution become operational. The major milestone of the new constitution is the inclusion of Environmental rights in the bill of rights along other substantive rights like the right to life, the right to health, the right to an adequate standard of living, and the right to privacy. This is a milestone in the battle for environmental sustainability in Zimbabwe and worldwide. Globally old constitutions such as that of the United States of America, France and the Scandinavian countries do not have any specific and direct provisions dealing with or relating to environmental rights. This research provides an opportunity to test Environmental management practices against the spirit of the constitution.