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Hesty Nurul Utami

Hesty Nurul Utami

Project title

Value Co-Creation Through Digital Technology in Developing Economies: Reflections from Indonesian Agri-Food E-commerce Chain.


  • Dr Eleftherios Alamanos
  • Dr Sharron Kuznesof



Hesty Utami

Project description

My research examines the role of digital technology in promoting value co-creation (VCC) in the agri-food industry of a developing country that has a bottom of pyramid market (BOP).

The empirical focus was given to the B2B and B2C relationships amongst local networks in Indonesia's vegetable supply chain that followed a new emergence e-commerce chain by taking multiple business actor and consumer perspectives.

The research contributed to the literature in four folds:

  1. a transformational VCC within e-commerce chains through a market configuration based on the S-D logic and social justice logic
  2. e-commerce as a strategic enabler for the VCC process at the local network
  3. proposing technology – innovation, inclusive business initiatives, social justice ethos, and collaboration – strategic partnerships as the underlying VCC dimensions of engagement among market actors
  4. the causes and effects of customer VCC based on consumption experiences using e-commerce for food purchase

Research grants

PhD scholarship from LPDP - Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education