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Jill Hardacre

Jill Hardacre

Project title

Analysing Hidden Gendered Processes in the Neoliberal University.


  • Professor Natasha Mauthner
  • Dr Clare Butler
  • Dr Victoria Pagan



Project description

Jill Hardacre is a PhD student in the Leadership, Work and Organization group. Her current research seeks to understand persistent gender inequalities within higher education. Specifically, it explores how the increasing neoliberalisation of processes and practices within the university – including an increasing focus on measuring performance, the marketisation of academic work, and the rise in audit culture - is contributing to a specific constitution of gender and consequently gendered inequalities within the academy. The research is conducted through a new materialist framework, founded predominantly on the work of Karen Barad.

Before embarking on her doctorate, Jill gained an MA (Hons) in History and Politics from Dundee University. She then joined Newcastle University to complete her master’s studies in International Political Economy, completing her dissertation on universal basic income in the context of the changing landscape of work in August 2018.

Research grants

David Goldman Studentship