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Nuzhat Nuery

Nuzhat Nuery

Project title

The Antecedents and Consequences of Social Media Engagement with a Sustainability Advertisement.


  • Natalia Yannopoulou
  • Eleftherios Alamanos

Project description

Social–media–users are increasingly voicing their opinions about sustainability–advertisements on social–media driven by concerns over sustainability and lack of trust on organisations. Social–media–users’ positive/ negative opinion significantly influences brand’s reputation and sales.

This thesis investigates the antecedents (positive or negative captions accompanying a sustainability–ad) and consequences (users’ purchase intentions and further sustainable–behavioural intentions) of social–media–engagement with a sustainability–ad through the lens of ‘self–consumption–vision’ (SCV), ’pleasure–arousal–dominance’ (PAD) theory of emotion, and social influence theory.

These theories have been chosen because, sustainable–product choice is mostly emotional in nature, but consumers do not see themselves adopting those because of social influence.